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About Ralf Tekaat

My pencil drawings are not as light and ephemeral as most of the drawings. Thus there are small notes, sketches and drafts and notes, but my central drawing theme are pencil drawings in a large scale. With blocky character, heavy and sometimes hermetic the objects are placed on the paper. For realization of these 2 to 3 meters formats I need several months. The drawings come into being in a process. Layer for layer crosshatching come together and then it materialized and create an object, which differs between several associations.

Ralf Tekaat was born 1970 in Bobingen, Bavaria. He studied Visual Communications at the University Of Applied Sciences, Münster and finished there 1997 with diploma. From 1997 to 2002 he studied Visual Arts at the University Of The Arts Bremen in the classes of Wolfgang Schmitz and Paco Knöller. 2002 after graduation he integrated the master class of Paco Knöller. Since 2005 he had several lectureships at the University Of The Arts, Bremen. From 2012 to 2013 he had a lectureship at the University Bremen.
He lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He describes himself as a drawer and he focuses on paper work. In his huge pencil drawings several layers of hatchings create slowly objects. In his wall installations there is a more a kind of story telling.

more informations on website ralftekaat.de

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